About me

A little ditty….About me…

Hello World! I’m so glad you found my blog!  My name is Amanda and this blog will be about my everyday. I’ll share my journey through the craziness of parenthood. Some days are pure chaos, other days I do not want to get off the couch (do the kids really need dinner?).

I’m an “upper” 30 something, stay at home mom livin’ it up in PA. I have two little boogers I’m raisin’ with my husband. A 10 yr. old daughter and a 6 yr. old son. We also have a 12 yr. old yorkie named Maggie. My hubs is a hardworking man that looks like Johnny Depp! (For real. On our honeymoon, we had a girl tell us she almost asked my husband for his autograph!)

I love to read, dance (in my kitchen), listen to music and watch TV. I’m addicted to Facebook and dislike housework. You will also probably catch me quoting movies (stop looking at me swan!) or singing a song lyric if the moment calls for it. I need my coffee in the morning and my TV shows at night.

I’m trying out this blog thang because it seems like fun (I already overshare so why not throw you guys into the mix!), I like reading them (especially parenting, lifestyle and learn to blog ones) and I’m hoping to, at some point make a lil side moolah to help with finances so I can continue to stay home with the kiddos and have something of my own to be proud of.

I’d like to share my ups and downs and all arounds of mom life and whatever else strikes my fancy. Hopefully, you’ll find my posts/opinions funny, relatable and maybe even helpful. Some posts may be long, but most will be short and sweet. And I hope you find them all awesome.

I will be spouting about everything and anything that pops into my head. (Nothing controversial cuz I do not do confrontation well!) I’m in no way! an expert, just a mom livin life. I hope we can share and discuss and try not to judge (yes, guilty, too). Please be nice either way. I plan to post once a week, with maybe a bonus post thrown in here and there. Come join me on my journey of everyday life in an everyday world.  

So, sit back, relax and enjoy reading…”everyday Amanda”.