I Made My Son Clean Today…

My son, Alex, is 7. He’s a sweet little boy that can be funny and quite the charmer. But he’s also quick to anger and throws a fit. He doesn’t like to be told no or what to do. (Like most kids, right?).

Some examples that will cause whining, fits, tantrums, you name it :

Turning off electronics. A majority of the time he has a fit because he wants to finish whatever he’s doing. I get it. I do. But I give warnings. You have 10 minutes, you have 5 minutes, etc. So it’s not a surprise when I say turn it off. But he’s not having it.

Can I have some candy? No. You never let me have candy! Stomp feet, whine. (Even if he had candy yesterday,  that doesn’t matter.) I do not allow candy often. You’d think he’d get that by now.  

Time for bed. Can we stay up longer? No. Waaah whine! Stomp feet. This isn’t usually too bad. Just annoying. Typical kid not wanting to go to bed. He goes up to bed, just has to voice his annoyance.

Those are just to name a few…        I made my son clean today... He was not happy. Make them clean when they don't listen!            

Today he pushed me. Figuratively, not literally. I asked him to turn off his iPad and I got the typical Alex response. (Whiny) I just started another game. Blah blah. Whine whine. Same old same old.  I told him to go to his room till I calmed a bit because I’ve been trying to yell less. Yes, I’m a yeller. I know that doesn’t help, but I do it.

We’ve tried taking video games, tv, toys, etc. We started a punishment jar that they pick a punishment (i.e. lose 30 min tv, lose 1 hour video games, earlier bedtime, etc.) If they don’t listen, talk back whatever. But it’s been inconsistent. (Our fault). So today I decided he’s going to help clean. Not the little bit of dusting or cleaning off the steps he usually does. But get down and dirty scrubbing toilets.

So, once he settled down and I was able to talk calmly, I told him what was happening. He was going to be helping mom clean, meaning he’s following me and actually doing what I say needs done.

We started with his room because it was a mess and when you tell a 7 year old to clean, it’s just not. So we did that, no issues. Room clean. Changed sheets. I showed him how to put clean ones on. (My daughter has been doing her own sheets since she’s 6 or 7, she’s 11 now).

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I made my son clean today... He was not happy. Make them clean when they don't listen!

Next I say we’re going to clean the bathroom. He has no idea HE will be cleaning it. Not me. I will show him, but he’s doing the majority. Cue the tears.

Can I just say WOW! All the sudden he’s tired. He can’t do it. He’s not doing it. Ha. Guess what buddy. You’re doing it. You. So I showed him scrubbing the inside of bowl. Then made him do it. Gave him a play by play of what he should be doing. Oh yeah. Momma is showing no mercy. He’s crying the whole time.

Now onto the tank, seat, outside of bowl. Now, you may know, with boys, toilets can get pretty gross. And it was. I showed him how, then he did it. Crying the. Whole. Time. Ok. After lots of tears and I’m not doing it, it was done. But he wasn’t done. Even though he THOUGHT he was done.

Next, counter and sinks. Oh geez. Talk about a meltdown. I’m not doing it! He says. As he’s doing it. He was pissed. And I didn’t care. I held my ground. He needed to see that I meant business. He’s sobbing and scrubbing at the same time. Saying I’m gonna pass out. (He was fine. Drama. If anything, his crying would make him pass out.) He finally finished. It took all I had not to scream or yell. I stayed very calm. I think I did yell at one point, but reminded myself it doesn’t help. I then made him go to his room again till he calmed down his crying. Cuz that boy can CRY! I also took video games for several days for the talking back and stuff during the cleaning. Oy. Lawd help me.

My patience was thin after that. My hubs was washing dishes and said “I thought if I sat down I’d get yelled at, so I washed dishes.” yeah buddy, that’s right!                           I made my son clean today... He was not happy. Make them clean when they don't listen!

Now, this may have sounded mean. You may not agree. But something has to give. My kids need to realize they can’t talk back or say no I’m not doing that, whatever. Good behavior and good listening are expected. I’m on constant repeat about routines and chores. They need to see that a fairy doesn’t get all the housework done. MOM does. The toilets don’t clean themselves. MOM does. Those crumbs, that trash, clothes on floor disappear…MOM does!! Now hopefully they will realize it more.

Alex said I don’t ever want to do that again *sobbing voice*.  Ok buddy, then don’t piss off the mom. Little does he know. This will be a chore for these kiddos soon enough.

My daughter (11) is so much different. She gives attitude, don’t get me wrong, but she’s much easier to talk down. She knows when mom means business. But still pushes those buttons.

Hopefully this will be a lesson to him that helps change that behavior. Otherwise he will be a CLEANING FOOL!

I made my son clean today... He was not happy. Make them clean when they don't listen!

How about you? Have you made your kids clean as punishment? Have any other ideas that have worked? Let me know. I could use the help!! And if you can relate to this, feel free to share with your friends!!

Until next time….


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I made my son clean today... He was not happy. Make them clean when they don't listen!
I made my son clean today... He was not happy. Make them clean when they don't listen!


  1. Erinna

    February 5, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Hey Amanda!! I have a 7 year old as well and yes I get the whole “I’m tired” whiny thing from her too. I do make her clean as well even if it takes FOREVER due to whining. It’s important to teach cleaning and life skills to kids from a young age because we don’t want our kids to grow up not knowing how to do anything because their parents did everything for them. I could not believe that people I knew had never done laundry or dishes until they went to college and had no idea how to use a dishwasher or washing machine until then! That’s crazy!! They need to know, like you said, that there isn’t a cleaning fairy who does everything:)

    1. EDamanda

      February 5, 2018 at 9:05 pm

      Thanks for reading & commenting! It really baffles me when older kids can’t do for themselves. My 11 yr old daughter already does her own laundry. They will do for themselves!! This “fairy” will make sure. 😉😄

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