It’s OK! Be the Best You.

Hey momma. I see you over there, wondering if you’re doing things right. Wondering if you should be more like that “Pinterest mom”. Wondering what you could’ve done better today. How you yelled at your little one. It’s ok. It happens. We all parent differently. One mom has unending patience. One mom tends to be more strict. That mom bakes muffins and cakes. This mom is a bit of a slacker mom. Either way, you love your kids. THAT’S what matters.  Be the best you. Sometimes you may have it all together, other times, maybe not so much. It’s ok.   Read on….

It's OK! Be the Best You. Sometimes your best is just surviving the day. Let's be OK.

It’s ok you didn’t get the dishes done today. I’m pretty sure they procreate like bunnies by morning! It’s never ending!

It’s ok you didn’t feel like playing that board game with your kids. Kids want your attention. All. The. Time. Take a break.

It’s ok you sometimes lose your shit. #becausekids

It’s ok you said no to plans. Socializing sucks sometimes. Adulting sucks most times.

It’s ok the laundry sits for another day. Because ew laundry.

It’s ok to “pretend listen” when kids talk about minecraft or their latest video game or the tiny mark you can’t see on their leg or the novel, I mean, story they tell you about school or the TV show you were watching with them….kids talk, a lot. You can only fully listen for so long!

It’s ok if the only thing you did today was shower. At least you don’t stink! If you’re a new mom, sometimes that’s the only thing you can do besides take care of baby. If you’re an ”older” mom, meaning have older kids, there’s always kid stuff going on that showering is the only thing you want to do for some me time.

It's OK! Be the Best You. Sometimes your best is just surviving the day. Let's be OK.

It’s ok if you don’t buy your kids “the latest” whatever. Most of these things are fads. #fidgetspinner #squishies #guilty

It’s ok if dinner is cereal tonight. Because life.

It’s ok to say no to your kids. They’ll survive. They need to learn they can’t have/do everything.

It’s ok to worry if you’re a good parent. Everyone does at some point. I think I do every day.

It’s ok to let them veg in front of the TV for some quiet time. I get it. Kids are LOUD!!

It’s ok to go to the bathroom to “go #2” even though you don’t have to “go #2”,  really you’re looking for alone time. Lock the door. They will come in.

It’s ok to ignore mom mom mom momoomomomoooooom. Dad can do stuff, too. (Easier said than done).

It’s ok to sit and read or watch TV or scroll facebook if dad actually takes the kids out of the house. Housework will be there forrrrevverrrrr.

It’s ok to ask for help and delegate chores. Especially when those kiddos are older. They CAN do things!! Hubs can, too!

It’s ok. You’re doing fine. Be mom. Not the best mom. Not super mom. Just mom. We don’t have to do all the things all the time. Hug ‘em and love ‘em.  Because Mommin’ Ain’t Easy!
We are human. Let’s be who we are, unless you’re being a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.

What are some other oks you could add to the list? Are you able to be ok or do you compare yourself? Be ok with you!

It's OK! Be the Best You. Sometimes your best is just surviving the day. Let's be OK.

Until next time….

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