Monthly Mayhem August Edition

**Monthly Mayhem is going to be a monthly round up of life as it unravels, unfolds and hits me on the head for the past month. Oh, and there may be some good things that stuck out to me, too. Enjoy my monthly Mayhem.**

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Here’s the August round up of fantastic family fun. Well, some of it was fun. Some, not so much. Cheers to August! The good, the bad and the ugly. Check. It. Out.

It’s been quite a month. I haven’t been blogging as consistently as I want to. Hopefully once the crazies settle, I can start up again.

Part time job: I applied for a part time job at kiddos school. Nervous is an understatement. *Update, had interview AND got the job!!! Oh my gawd. Back to work!!! Aahhhhh!!! Monthly Mayhem. August Edition. Updates of the everydayamanda life. Monthly roundup.

Me time: Mom dinner date with a friend. It was nice catching up. Mom lunch date with another friend. Nice to get out and chat for a couple hours. 

Fun: We went to a place called “The Works”. It’s a huge arcade. Nanny (my mom) went along. We all had a blast. Won lots of tickets. It was loud & crazy & awesome. Then dinner & a little shopping. (New books! Yay!)

Shopping: School and soccer shopping. The never ending expense of kids needing stuff. We got a couple school outfits and both kids needed soccer balls and cleats for the fall season. I went shopping for myself. Woo hoo! I needed an interview outfit because this momma only has jeans and t-shirts.

Kid fun: Playground playdate. Because kids are crazy and loud. So at the playground, you don’t care as much!  And they burn off some energy. ….Some…  Liv got stung by a bee and *gasp* did not, I repeat, did NOT freak out! She pulled it off, came over to me and (a little teary eyed) said she got stung. I almost didn’t believe her because she wasn’t flipping out! If you know Liv, she can be quite the drama queen. She said the bee felt furry. *cue heeby jeebys* Monthly Mayhem. August Edition. Updates of the everydayamanda life. Monthly roundup.

Sick: STILL coughing. Plugged up ears. This sucks. Yes, went to Dr. Not much to do…*update* went to Dr 2nd time in 2 weeks because of ears. On antibiotics. Please let this work!  *another update* had both kids at doctor. Both have ear infections. Liv has bronchitis. Hello antibiotics.

Busy: Slacking on blogging. Been busy with back to school & back to work stuff. Soccer starting. Plus helping a family member out with some stuff. Feeling a little anxious. Just breathe.

Summer: Squeezing in last bit of summer. Day trip, amusement park, golfing (haven’t golfed in years, should’ve taken video). Swim play dates. Sleepovers.

Solar Eclipse 2017!! Exciting, but better view on TV than our cereal box projector. Plus my son threw a lovely, royal fit in the middle of the eclipse. So there was that awesomeness. Eclipse related? Possibly.

Misc.: My nephew started college. So proud and excited for him. Hoping he does well and finds a job afterwards that he can enjoy. And my niece is saving up for a car. She’s almost there. Both are great kiddos.

Monthly Mayhem. August Edition. Updates of the everydayamanda life. Monthly roundup.

Freaking out. School starts next week which means I start my new job. I don’t know why I’m so scared! Because I haven’t worked for so long? I know it’s the newness and change but I just can’t calm my nerves! Aahh! I need a chill pill. 

Crazy: School has started. We’re trying to get used to having a schedule again. Craziness has ensued. I’m easing into my job. Still nervous. Trying to take it one day at a time. But I’ll get it. Going back after being home for so long is tough! I’ve started new jobs before, but this seems so hard. Which sounds so dumb. It’s part time! I keep talking myself up and down. I’m quite the debbie downer lately, which I don’t like. I’m usually a pretty happy person. So, this is really throwing me for a loop. My husband is being so awesome and getting me through. He could be telling me to suck it up, but he’s giving hugs and saying the right things to get me to keep going and keep trying. Thanks hubs. Means alot! 

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August is now over. On to September. Time just flies. It’s amazing and scary. Cool weather will be moving in soon. Can’t wait for jeans and hoodies!

How was your August? Did you squeeze in some last minute summer? Share in comments how your August went. Talk to me on Social media, too.


Until next time…


Monthly Mayhem. August Edition. Updates of the everydayamanda life. Monthly roundup.


  1. Meagan

    September 5, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    Looks like a fun August for you! August is birthday month for my boyfriend and myself so we did different activities like our county fair and dinners out.

    1. EDamanda

      September 5, 2017 at 6:12 pm

      What fun! Happy belated birthday!

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