Pet peeves/mom peeves. Ug! I hate when that happens!

You guys know what I’m talking about. The stupid, little things some people do that you swear they’re doing on purpose to annoy you. Probably not. But it sure feels that way sometimes. Whether it’s chewing with your mouth open… or breathing…. They need to just stop!! Not breathing. Just being annoying. Well….

Pet peeve noun : a frequent subject of complaint. 

Mom peeve- same thing except probably has to do with something your kids did/do.

Dog poop. Pick up your dog poop people! Especially in someone else’s yard!! Seriously! Bring a bag! It’s not that hard. You know your dog is most likely going to #2 on your walk. I have a Yorkie. I know she does her business in my backyard and it’s the teeniest, tiniest, cutiest (JOKING!) poop. So, when there is poop in my front yard the size of my dog, preeeetty sure it was another canine! Common courtesy people. Clean up after your dog. And throw it in the trash, not along the road.

Kids/teens crossing the road at that exact moment you need to hit your brakes so you don’t hit them and they take their sweet ass time snail walking across the road. Like they own the road and you’re an inconvenience to their walking. Man I wanna speed up sometimes! But, I don’t. Relax. I’m a nice person. And I will gladly let you cross, if I see you in enough time and you wait like a courteous person.

pet peeves/mom peeves. Little annoyances.

Open cabinets/drawers. OMG. I don’t know how many times I close them or tell my kids and hubs to close them. Seriously why. WHY!??

Toilet paper roll. Over or under? Over. Over. OVER! And for the love of God, change it when it’s empty! CHANGE IT!! Seriously!

Toilet lid. Down. Put it down when you’re done with your business. My family is good at this. Outside of the house family, not so much. But, I let it go… Even though it drives me nuts!  (My lovely older sister leaves it up INTENTIONALLY!)

Dishes. Dishes that are put in the sink or on the counter when the dishwasher is empty/dirty. Come on. Put. It. In. I’m not June Cleaver. I don’t always have the dishes washed, but for the love of Pete, help a mom out and put your dishes IN the dishwasher when it’s dirty! What? It’s clean? Then EMPTY it!!

Laundry. It goes IN the hamper. The husband and children suck at this. The hamper is on the hubs side of the bed. It should go right in, arms length away. For real. And the kids. They think they’re basketball players and when they miss…. It stays there. On the floor. For mom to yell, PICK IT UP!

pet peeves/mom peeves. Little annoyances.

Kids. Now settle down. I love my kids. But they do some annoying things. I’m on constant repeat. 24/7. Make your bed. Brush your teeth. Don’t hit. 5 more bites. 3 more bites. Just eat, I don’t need to tell you how many bites. Do your homework. Do your chores. There is a list of these things and I still have to remind. Clean up your meal/snack stuff. Time for bed. Time for bed. *TIME FOR BED.* Ok, they heard me. They’re in bed. Liv gets up because she’s scared of some nonexistent thing. Go to bed. Alex gets up because his foot hurts. Go to bed. My stomach hurts. Can I have more animals. OMG. Get up one more time you are IN TROUBLE!!

Kids not listening? Check out what I did here!


Garbage. It’s full. Empty it. I know you see it. It’s Liv’s chore to empty the kitchen trash. And I have to remind her EVERY TIME IT’S FULL!! Sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. And the bathroom garbage. That thing is always full! It’s like the one episode in King of Queens where Doug has an empty milk jug and goes to throw it away and sees the garbage is full and gently puts it on top, puts his hands up like Victory! and turns away and Carrie’s watching him. Empty it!!

pet peeves/mom peeves. Little annoyances.
Just stop.

Repeat. I know I mentioned this above, but I had to mention it as its own category because man do these kids need reminders out the wazoo! I repeat my request or whatever 2 or 3 times and then of course I yell. And they wonder why I’m yelling!!?? Dude. Hear me and listen the first time! Please tell me this ends when they’re older… please…!??  

I’m sure this is a typical mom list. Ya’ll have the same or similar things going on in your house. That’s why you’re reading this and that’s why we would probably get along so well. If I socialized….
So many annoyances, I’m sure you can relate. This is life, I guess. Dang it, it can be annoying! But I just had to share and vent. Thanks for listening.
What peeves do you have? Let me know in comments below. We shall vent together!!  Here’s another peeve of mine…
Until next time…. And I’m sure this could be continued.
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Oh look dog poop bags! And get some laundry and dishes done!! Woo hoo!

pet peeves/mom peeves. Little annoyances.


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