Top 17 Things to do in Winter

Winter. It’s cold. It sucks. I don’t like it. I hate bundling up. I prefer warm, sunshiny weather. I thought I’d share with you fabulous readers some of the things that I prefer to do, instead of going outside in the bitter, stupid cold. Enjoy some of the things me and/or my kids do to pass the time of being stuck inside because it’s too cold and I’d rather be stuck inside than go out into the polar vortex, bomb cyclone or whatever they’re coining it these days.  Drum roll please….

  1. Stay Home! Don’t go outside. It is too cold. Sit on the couch and snuggle up because your blankie is there to keep you warm! If you have a pet, grab it and snuggle in!
  2. Watch TV. Couch Potato Season! Find some shows on Netflix and Binge! Binge! Binge! (Stranger Things is good! Seriously. Watch it.)
  3. Read. I love to read. Check out some of my book reviews here and here. So grab that good book and chillax.                            Top 17 Things to do in Winter when you're stuck inside.
  4. Exercise. If you want. I don’t. I should, but I don’t. If that’s you, go for it. I’ll be over here on the couch.
  5. Write. I know, not for everyone, but I’ve been trying to do it more. So, fellow writers, write away! Non writers, move on down the list.
  6. Draw/Color. I can’t draw, but I like to color in my kids coloring books. My kids like to draw. So get those supplies and create!
  7. Chores. Bleh. Nevermind. Don’t do that. Chores suck.
  8. Search the internet. Youtube videos. Warm places you’d like to visit. You can find some fun blogs out there. Here are a few that I like…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  9. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Nuff said. Follow me here!
  10. Social Media. Whichever strikes your fancy. I prefer Facebook. I hear that’s for old people. Whatever, I’m there.
  11. Puzzles. I guess I should put some less lazy things on the list for less screen time and so the kids don’t rot their brains. My kids enjoy puzzles and I don’t mind them too much either.
  12. Legos. My kids can do Legos for HOURS. Unless they find something stupid to fight about. Make them clean them up too!
  13. Movie Day. Hopefully it’s a weekend and you don’t have to go anywhere. Grab some movies and make some popcorn and enjoy. If your stuck with kiddos, try some of these: Big Hero 6, The BFG, Tangled, Moana. I love these.
  14. Dance party! Throw on groovy tunes and shake it.
  15. Bake something. If you want. I don’t like to bake so no thanks. But maybe you do. Have at it!
  16. Make a list. Like this one. Or of warm places. Or what you’ll do over summer. Or whatever you like to make lists about. It’s your list. List away. Here are some lists I posted too, some warm, fuzzy thoughts here and get to know me a little better here.
  17. Read this blog! Because you’re awesome and I’m glad you’re here!!

There it is folks. A list of some traditional and not so traditional things to pass the time in winter when it’s too dang cold to go outside. Keep those blankies handy!  Get yo snuggie on! What do you like to do in your house? Is your list similar to mine?

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Until next time….                Top 17 Things to do in Winter when you're stuck inside.

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Top 17 Things to do in Winter when you're stuck inside.

Top 17 Things to do in Winter when you're stuck inside.


  1. The Salty Mamas

    January 13, 2018 at 10:01 am

    I have yet to watch Stranger Things… Looks like winter is the time to start!

    1. EDamanda

      January 13, 2018 at 10:30 am

      Oh man! Watch it!!!

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