I’m a scheduling freak!!

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I’m a scheduling freak!!  Schedules… Like ‘em or leave ‘em?

I’ve always had my kids on some type of schedule. As soon as I was able to. As babies, of course, they made their own “schedule” But once they slept good and didn’t have to eat every 2 hours, I started a meal schedule. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at a certain time. Snacks, too. Also, naptime and bedtime. Unfortunately, I was kind of a prisoner in my home for a few years, because of naptime. But I liked to make sure the kiddos napped and I felt they slept better at home. (my daughter could nap elsewhere, my son, not so much!)

I felt, for me, a schedule made things easier. I knew what was happening and when, as did the kiddos (for the most part). I knew at this time they ate whatever meal and they knew after lunch was naptime or after snack it was soon bedtime, etc.

I’m more lenient as they get older, like on the weekends my 10 yr old doesn’t always eat breakfast. I have to remind myself that she won’t starve! But if we have plans, like a soccer game or something, then, of course, she must eat.

We especially need a good schedule during soccer season because now both kiddos play. So after school can be chaotic with homework, chores, eating then getting to practice. Having 2 kids is craziness. Props to those families with more kids. And working moms? You go girl!  

I swear by having a schedule. Makes life easier. How do you roll?

Mornings work well with a “timed” schedule because, during the school year, my 10 yr. old knows to get up by 7am (She does great with getting up on her own, with her alarm) and that by 7-7:15, she should be eating breakfast, 7:30 she should be upstairs getting herself ready. And be done by 8:00 so she has time to pack lunch, maybe look over homework and then she can read or watch TV until 8:30 when it’s time to leave for school. (The kids are not allowed to turn on the TV in the morning, until they are both ready to go. It is a BIG distraction!) And not all mornings flow easily. There sometimes is alot of reminding of the time and yelling up the stairs to get moving.

My 6 yr. old’s morning is less “structured” since he’s in Kindergarten and only starts school after lunch. But he does have a set time for lunch and then getting ready for school. (It’ll be summertime when this is posted, so we will see how he does getting up for 1st grade next school year!).

I swear by having a schedule. Makes life easier. How do you roll?

After school all depends on what’s going on, like soccer or piano practice. But when we don’t have a busy evening, and it’s nice outside. I’ll let them play a little before sitting down for homework and then doing chores. We have dinner pretty much at the same time every night. And we always sit at the table as a family. I really think it’s important to have this time. It’s a great time to chat about our days and see what’s going on with each other. Snack and bedtime are also around the same time. Even though they try to fight the bedtime. Kids, it’s what they do.

I swear by having a schedule. Makes life easier. How do you roll?

During school, my kids are in bed by 8. Summertime, they’re in bed around 9. But my 10 yr. Old has been asking for a later bedtime during school. Which I’ve been thinking about. But it’s so tough giving up that quiet time me and the hubs get between kids bedtime and our bedtime.                 It’s under consideration for next school year…I think…

Summer is nice though, we can have less of a schedule and fly by the seat of our pants. Especially as the kids get older. But it is nice to come back to a schedule when school starts again.I swear by having a schedule. Makes life easier. How do you roll?

How does your house work? Do you schedule things? Or is it more laid back? Find what works for you.

Until next time…


I swear by having a schedule. Makes life easier. How do you roll?


  1. Nicole

    June 19, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    I am such a schedule freak too! And when some wrench gets thrown into my schedule, I freak. I need to learn to tolerate schedule changes better!

    1. EDamanda

      June 19, 2017 at 1:22 pm

      Good to know I’m not alone! When my kids were younger I was so much more strict. It’s easier to be a little more relaxed when they start getting older & more independent. But I still follow a time schedule for meals and stuff. It just works! 😄

  2. Daneen Rogers

    June 19, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    When my kids were younger a schedule and a routine were extremely important! Now that they are older (23, 20 and 16) they still keep to their own (similar) schedule–showers before bed, decent bedtime, up early, etc.–mom win!

    1. EDamanda

      June 19, 2017 at 7:14 pm

      Good to know. Hoping freaky mom schedule keeps them organized when they’re older! Definite mom win!

  3. Ashley

    June 19, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    I feel like I’m kinda opposite. When my babies were babies they had no real scheduale. Maybe because for 10 years there was always a child under two so the babies needed to ‘go with the flow’ and hustle and bustle of sibling activities. They napped when they fell asleep wherever they fell asleep. We did push for a decent bedtime like you said quiet time is nice :).but after the older children went to sleep that was my one on one time with the newborns-young toddler age. as they grew they needed way more of a plan (changes so much so prob best not to call it a scheduale) Homeschooling makes a plan a must. I usually have a plan for the week and write it daily on our fridge so they know what to expect!! Does it get easier or harder TBD lol!

    1. EDamanda

      June 19, 2017 at 9:02 pm

      You are a go with the flow person! I’m more tightly wound. 😄
      But plans do help bring some order to the chaos. It should get easier…right!??

  4. Krysten

    June 20, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    I used to be a super scheduled person but over the last few months, I have been slipping. It’s starting to bother me because I want to be scheduled. 🙁 I love plans!

    1. EDamanda

      June 21, 2017 at 8:21 am

      Awww. Maybe you just needed to chill. Get scheduled when it feels right. 😊

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